New construction, tenant improvement and renovation

Whether you need just simple wiring, cabling and lighting or complete electrical design and installation, Smokey Point Electric has the equipment, crews and experience to do the job right, and the character to insure your satisfaction. Large jobs and small, we approach them all with the same dedication to quality, integrity and on-time delivery.



While we are more than happy to work on designed projects, experience shows that when Smokey Point Electric takes on the entire job, including electrical design, materials specification, scheduling, installation and project management, our clients usually end up with a lower price and a higher value.


Underground utilities

There are many instances nowadays where underground utilities make sense from an environmental or aesthetic point of view. Smokey Point Electric installs underground utilities for primary and secondary power for commercial construction and as a site improvement for parking lots. For shopping mall pads, SPE will run wiring and utility conduit to a vault for later hook-up.


Lighting design

There’s more to good lighting design than just getting the appropriate light levels for end users. Lighting is an important architectural statement all on its own, so we take the time to choose fixtures, materials and technologies that will enhance the overall look and feel. From practical to dramatic, we have the experience and resources to put your project in its best light.


Backup power

Some facilities – hospitals, telecommunications hubs, airports and military installations among them – need to have continual power, no matter what. Smokey Point Electric installs generator, battery backup and uninterruptible power systems and inverters in the sizes and capacities you need to keep you up and running when the grid fails.


Energy retrofits

Advances made in lighting and other electrical technologies over the years have significantly reduced the energy required to power some devices. Let Smokey Point Electrical lower your total energy profile with an assessment of your current energy use and a comprehensive plan to upgrade outdated lighting and equipment to improve conservation.


Service upgrades

As companies grow, their electrical needs change – but not necessarily their electrical capacity. Smokey Point Electric can do the service upgrades you need to meet increased energy demands and come into compliance with current building codes. To switch out a circuit, a panel, the current or your entire electrical service, you can rely on Smokey Point Electric.